Botox & Fillers

If you don't already know from my - Skincare Products.....Do They Work? - blog.  I'll be posting about brands that I’ve trialled over the last year, in search for the ultimate cheat day solution to my almost impossible skincare workout. Having already trialled NAKIN's naturally anti-ageing cleanser & serum.  I thought…

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Skincare Products….Do They Work?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLsGh_L-kmg&feature=youtu.be With so many “miracle creams” on the market, how to know which ones actually keep the spots away and wrinkles at bay? On their own….none. Unfortunately healthy skin, is like a healthy body, it takes work. You need lots of water, a good diet, plenty of sleep, limited stress, no…

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My Life Changing Journey

To tell you the truth, I have been procrastinating when it came to writing this specific chapter of my life.  Years of training taught me to never let people know what is happening behind closed doors.  Never talk about the lows of life and to always maintain a happy and perfect facade.…

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