We’re now looking for sponsors to take part in our next LFW Travel in Style events. Being held on the 13th & 17th September 2019 at Mayfair’s Mahiki Members Club.


Travel in Style is a social media driven experience event, surrounding travel fashion, art, music and mindfulness targeting the “cool crowd”. This social media driven event is perfect for brands who want to increase their digital presence, but might not have the extra marketing budgets required.


Travel in Style – Increases social media growth, driving digital traffic, to aid ROI, as well as the following; Gain access to NJY Instagram tribe.  Network with press & influencers.  Create content for your brand.  Help boost your business strategy. Increase sales. All without the usual HIGH COSTS!


Between 30% to 50% of our guests are press, influencers, bloggers & content creators.  Our events receive 1 million + Insta impressions.  Our press included publications such as Time Out & London Runway.


Our past sponsors have included beauty and lifestyle brands such as Fiji Water, Urban Decay & Mahiki Kensington.


For more detailed info on how to be apart of our next UK September 2019 event.  Whether you’re a start up, SME, established brand, venue, sponsor or influencer.  Fill out the form below.

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