We help brands make the right business connections & exposure to the right target market.  Through our trusted social media formula & network, we help your business flourish with the style & vision you have in mind.  Time has always been a factor limiting to the success of any business.  With our membership we give you the gift of time.


Not Just Yoga

The founder (@notjustyoga) has been on a deep healing since 2010 after falling ill through exhaustion due to work.  For full story click here.  She discovered Instagram and started to promote a positive lifestyle to help others and quickly gained a following.  Her beliefs in self-care being linked to success, has lead to her influencer status & blog surrounding her entrepreneurial lifestyle.

She founded NJY in 2017, after a number of requests to help her friends with their social media.  NJY has now collaborated with brands such as Fiji Water, Urban Decay & been in publications such as Time Out and The HandBook.


Travel in Style: AW 2018

Travel in Style x Gustavo Nénão

“Thank you so much Not Just Yoga for collaborating and showcasing my London debut at Travel in Style charity art & fashion event.  Love your ethos of working together to succeed.  Look forward to collaborating again!”  Gustavo Nénão, Artist & Founder of Nénão 


Travel in Style: SS 2017


BrunchFIT: 2016


Travel in Style x INTO App

“Thank you so much NJYOfficial for collaborating with  INTO App and inviting us down to Travel in Style charity fashion collab event.  We had so much fun and hope you enjoy the vlog.”  Kristen and Mel, Influencers at INTO App


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